Hawaiian Style Quilt Pattens - Click on item to order.

Photos are sample colors - choose custom colors on your order form.

If you know of a pattern not shown here, email us a photo and we can custom make a quilt for you!

fern quilt Hawaiian quilt quilt Ulu Hawaiian style quilt
Fern Anthurium Celadone Creme Lokelani Rose Ulu
crownkahili quilt quilt bamboo quilt quilt
Kahili Crown Ilima lei Bamboo Cattylea Orchid Wreath
pekake vines ginger-lei quilt Pineapple quilt hibiscus
Pikake Vines Ginger Lei Pineapple Hibiscus Pink
hibiscus quilt honu quilt plumeria Hawaiian quilt
Hibiscus Honu Plumeria Lilioukalani
Silversword Hawaiian quilt pikake silversword3 ulu Hawaiian quilt
New Silversword Pikake Vines 2 Silversword 3 Mountain Apple
orchid lei quilt coconut pineapple quilt Silversword quilt
Orchid Lei Coconut Pineapple Iris Silversword
orchid lei quilt Liliuokalani Quilt New Plumeria Quilt New Ulu Quilt
Cattleya and Antherium New Liliuokalani New Plumeria New Ulu
Ulu 2 Quilt torch ginger torch ginger ilima lei 2
Ulu 2 Torch Ginger Large Hibiscus Ilima Lei 2
ilima lei 2 ilima lei 2 ilima lei 2 ilima lei 2
Honu 2 Ginger in the Vase Monsterra Heliconia
ilima lei 2 ilima lei 2 ilima lei 2 ilima lei 2
Kahili Ginger Pina Colada New Pineapple Reversible Ulu
ilima lei 2 ilima lei 2    
Honu Monsterra Hibiscus Reversible New Pineapple